Dr. Brem's Patents and
Patent Applications

Following our model of patient-driven translational research, Dr. Harold Brem and his professional colleagues have been involved in the development of a number of new drug therapies and treatment methods for chronic wounds.

At present, the center has been granted a patent or has a pending patent application related to the following discoveries. For a full description of each, click on the title of the individual patent or patent application:


Patents Granted

U.S. Patent 6,638,949

Inventors: Judah Folkman, Harold Brem, H. Paul Ehrlich

October 28, 2003

Title: Prevention of Adhesions and Excessive Scar Formation Using Angiogenesis Inhibitors

U.S. Patent 7,919,478

Inventor: Harold Brem

April 5, 2011

Title: Method for Treating Diabetic Ulcers with Vectors Encoding VEGF

U.S. Patent 8,673,859

Inventors: Harold Brem, Marjana Tomic

March 18, 2014

Title: GM-CSF Cosmeceutical Compositions and Methods of Use Thereof

U.S. Patent 8,802,660

Inventors: Marjana Tomic-Canic, Harold Brem, Herbert H. Samuels

August 12, 2014

Title: De Novo Synthesis of Glucocorticoids in the Epidermis and Its Uses and Applications

U.S. Patent 8,889,615

Inventors: Marjana Tomic-Canic, Harold Brem

November 18, 2014

Title: Methods for Promoting Epithelialization and Healing of Chronic Wounds

U.S. Patent 9,168,214

Inventors: Harold Brem, Marjana Tomic-Canic

October 27, 2015

Title: Methods of Increasing Collagen Formation and Cellular Migration in Intact Skin